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Information below is from a previous ride and is offered only as an example.

Our ride team in Israel consists of experts in every field bringing you the ultimate cycle and travel experience. For 2018, we are offering a choice of routes, which are still being planned. Each route will require a minimum of eight (8) and maximum of 45 registered riders.

Below are links to the 2017 Touring and Challenge Routes. The 2018 routes will be updated shortly.

2017 Heroes

Ride alongside our handbike cyclists.

  • Day 1: 61km / 405m elevation gain
  • Day 2: 27km / 214m elevation gain
  • Day 3: 33km / 275m elevation gain
  • Day 4: 22km / 449m elevation gain
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2017 Touring

Comfortable pace, most popular route.

  • Day 1: 61km / 405m elevation gain
  • Day 2: 57km / 805m elevation gain
  • Day 3: 63km / 1045m elevation gain
  • Day 4: 61km / 689m elevation gain
  • Day 5: 41km / 758m elevation gain
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2017 Challenge

Are you ready to push yourself?

  • Day 1: 62km / 1102m elevation gain
  • Day 2: 122km / 1363m elevation gain
  • Day 3: 78km / 1152m elevation gain
  • Day 4: 82km / 2047m elevation gain
  • Day 5: 70km / 1501m elevation gain
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2017 Extreme

Do you need MORE of a challenge?

  • Day 1: 75km / 1609m elevation gain
  • Day 2: 154km / 1821m elevation gain
  • Day 3: 120km / 1669m elevation gain
  • Day 4: 107km / 2155m elevation gain
  • Day 5: 82km / 1948m elevation gain
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2017 Off-Road

For those who like to hit the trails.

2017 distances will be available soon

Ride Logistics

Accommodations During the Ride

Please note: Israeli hotels require a copy of your passport and entry visa upon check-in. In order to simplify the process, please email both to [email protected].

Single Rooms

We have a highly limited number of single rooms available.  There is a single supplement charge. Please email us if you are interested, as these rooms are assigned in order of request.

FAQs about the Ride

  • What time do we start riding each day?

    The ride starts each morning between 7:30 – 8:30 am, depending on your route. It is important to start early to avoid cycling in the heat of the day.

  • What is the pace of the ride?

    The ride is split into groups, according to pace, daily kilometres, and difficulty of terrain. All groups offer a quality ride for the varying levels of cyclists and you will not be disappointed. For security reasons, all riders must stay fairly close together within their group. At rest stops, cyclists are not able to proceed until their entire group has arrived and had a chance to eat and drink.

  • Do I need to bring electrolyte powder and snacks?

    Nutritious meals, snacks, water, and electrolyte supplements are provided during the ride.  If you have a preferred electrolyte powder, please bring this with you.

  • What about bike repairs and CO2 cartridges?

    We have support vehicles (lead and tail), as well as bike mechanics who cycle alongside us. They are equipped to repair almost any breakdown on the spot. CO2 cartridges are not allowed in your carry-on or checked luggage. All checked luggage going to Israel is x-rayed and if cartridges are found, they will be discarded or cause your luggage to be delayed to a later flight. You do not require these on the ride.

  • What spare parts should I bring?

    It is highly recommended that you bring extra cleats. We will not have the cleats you require in Israel and if yours break, which does happen, you will not be able to ride. If your bike has unique parts that you are concerned you might need to replace in Israel, you are encouraged to bring extras with you.

  • What if I am too tired to pedal?

    We can look after that—there is a bus following each route should you wish to take a break from cycling.

Disclaimer: The information contained on this page is subject to change.